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When things change inside you, things change around you.

Introductory Course


Find your center. Master your mind.

We live a hurried, jam-packed life. The days and months fly by in a flurry of routines and commitments. We’re constantly in motion with a never-ending onslaught of distractions to occupy our minds and hearts. Tuning into ourselves has become nearly impossible. And yet, we all need stillness. It’s in the white spaces of our lives that we find perspective and truth. It’s where we return to ourselves.


Steady. Present. Mindfull. Loving. With an awakened consciousness comes the desire to grow and evolve, not just for ourselves but for the people we have been gifted to guide in this lifetime: our children.

Society tells us what it means to be a “good mother,” but that’s just a cultural narrative women subscribe to when they are asleep. The awakened mama parents with intention and presence. She finds her own truth, her own steadiness, rooted in her commitment to conscious living.


Graduates of the Awakened Living Course feel a new sense of liberation as they see, with total clarity, exactly what has been the obstacle to their happiness all along. It’s the mind. And just as it can be observed, corralled and thwarted, it can also be wielded as a tool to create a life that is thriving, unstoppable. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

This course takes our journey to master the mind and combines it with our ability to design a flourishing life.

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