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kristen manieri

Have you ever considered how coaching could impact your life?

Coaching changes lives because it allows us to know and understand ourselves more deeply. We figure out what makes us tick, and we begin to navigate life with more clarity and confidence.

When you hire me as your coach, you:

  • See things (patterns, tendencies, limiting beliefs, internal obstacles, etc.) that we often cannot see ourselves;
  • Are gently pushed to reflect more deeply and become curious about why you do what you do and what could be stopping you from having (or even knowing) what you really want;
  • Are held accountable to doing the things that matter and that will help you grow;
  • See more clearly that it’s often our thinking, not our circumstances, that needs to change;
  • Are given a safe space where you can process your life (work, family, etc.) so that you can gain clarity and more effectively chart a course ahead.

One-on-One Coaching 

  • We meet weekly on Zoom for 60 minutes
  • Minimum commitment is 12 weeks

Couple’s Coaching 

  • We meet weekly on Zoom for 60 minutes
  • Minimum commitment is 8 weeks

Habit Coaching 

  • We meet weekly on Zoom for 5 weeks
  • We launch with a 90-minute deep dive followed by four 30-minute check-ins
  • Give as a gift


I have a limited capacity of only 10 individual clients and 1-2 corporate clients at any given time. You may need to join a waitlist.  EMAIL ME to book a free introductory call.


Kristen Manieri is a Habits Coach and author of Better Daily Mindfulness Habits. She has completed her International Coaching Federation credentialed courses with Adler Graduate Professional School and the Co-Active Training Institute, as well as ongoing studies in behavior change, mindfulness and human psychology with Rollins College, UC San Diego School of Medicine Center for Mindfulness, Mindful Leader and University of Central Florida. She gained her Habits Coaching training directly from BJ Fogg PhD., reknowned Stanford University Behavior Scientist, and has developed her own, highly effective model of behavior change called The D.E.A.R. Method. Her work and writing have been featured in the Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, West Jet Magazine, The Gottman Institute, and AARP.

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