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When things change inside us, things change around us.

Have you ever considered how coaching could impact your life?

I’ve worked with several coaches over the past two decades. Each time I’ve made this investment in myself, I’ve embarked on a highly-focused and intentional period of growth and personal evolution. Coaching has changed my life because it’s allowed me to know, understand and appreciate myself deeply. It’s allowed me to navigate my life powerfully and purposefully. 

When you hire me as your coach, you:

– See things (patterns, tendencies, limiting beliefs, internal obstacles, etc.) that we often cannot see ourselves;

– Are gently pushed to reflect more deeply and become curious about why you do what you do and what could be stopping you from having (or even knowing) what you really want;

– Are held accountable to doing the things that matter and that will help you grow;

– See more clearly that it’s often our thinking, not our circumstances, that needs to change;

– Are given a safe space where you can process your life (work, family, etc.) so that you can gain clarity and more effectively chart a course ahead.


I have a limited capacity of only 10 clients at any given time. You may need to join a waitlist.

The initial coaching commitment is three months. Calls are 60 minutes each, every week for 13 weeks.

EMAIL ME to book a free introductory call.


“When I hired Kristen to be my coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never had a coach before, but needed help overcoming some professional challenges. Kristen exudes positive energy that comes through a Zoom call as if she were sitting in the room with you. That alone started each meeting on a positive note. Her ability to listen, with the intent to understand and cut through my BS makes her a rock star in my book. Each week I walked away feeling as if I had an “AHA” moment. Overall, I have come to better understand ME, and how I act and react to stimuli. I have also discovered a passion I never knew I had! Bottom line, Kristen is a gem!”

– Steve T.

“One of the greatest gifts that I ever gave to myself was Life Coaching Sessions with Kristen Manieri. Kristen has a unique ability to uncover objectives through asking the right questions, the intuitiveness to identify needs and personal growth opportunities, and the compassion to provide crucial feedback which resulted in getting me from Point A to Point B. Her engaging personality enabled me to immediately feel at ease and speak with her in trust while her focused listening skills demonstrated that she understood exactly what I was trying to convey. Her passion to help me become an improved version of myself was clearly demonstrated through her desire to provide relevant “take a way” tools that I could use now and in the future. Her professionalism is enhanced by her ability to remain current in her teachings and with her experience, I was able to gain much desired clarity in my life and begin to focus on my current goals. She has a proven working knowledge of the fundamentals of change and is very personal with her approach. Through her direction, I have matured in my thought process, I have developed more confidence, and I have rediscovered my new path with a defined purpose. My only regret is that I did not meet her sooner.”

– Val R.

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