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When things change inside us, things change around us.

Have you ever considered how coaching could impact your life?

I’ve hired several coaches over the past two decades. Each time I’ve made this investment in myself, I’ve embarked on a highly-focused and intentional period of growth and personal evolution. Coaching has changed my life.

Here’s what coaches do:

– They allow us to see things (patterns, tendencies, limiting beliefs, internal obstacles, etc.) that we often cannot see ourselves;

– They push us to reflect more deeply and become curious about why we do what we do and what stops us from having what we really want;

– They hold us accountable to doing the things that matter and that will help us grow;

– They help us to see that it’s often our thinking, not our circumstances, that needs to change;

– They offer a safe space where we can do the work of understanding ourselves, loving who we are and becoming who we are meant to be.


I have a limited capacity of only 10 clients at any given time. You may need to join a waitlist.

The initial coaching commitment is three months. Calls are 60 minutes each, every week for 13 weeks.

The investment is $1,500 USD, which is paid in advance using credit card, PayPal or check.


“When I hired Kristen to be my coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never had a coach before, but needed help overcoming some professional challenges. Kristen exudes positive energy that comes through a Zoom call as if she were sitting in the room with you. That alone started each meeting on a positive note. Her ability to listen, with the intent to understand and cut through my BS makes her a rock star in my book. Each week I walked away feeling as if I had an “AHA” moment. Overall, I have come to better understand ME, and how I act and react to stimuli. I have also discovered a passion I never knew I had! Bottom line, Kristen is a gem!”

– Steve T.

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