Live like you matter

Because you do matter. And when we each do the inside-out work of taking care of our mind, body and soul, we do our best work in the world. Let’s dive into what it means to live a more connected, conscious and intentional life

Kristen Manieri - You were born to thrive

Two things determine the life we’re living: our habits and our level of consciousness. We have the power to change both. But how?

Step one: We raise our consciousness. We take ourselves off auto-pilot. We wake up.

Step two: We get curious about our human experience, like a scientist studying a species.

Step three: We live with intention. We become the creators of our lives. We live by design, not by default.

Step four: We identify and prioritize what feels good because this life should feel good.

Through my coaching, writing and podcast, I invite people into this process. The result is small pivots, course corrections and radical changes that alter the trajectory from a life that’s ‘meh’ to meaningful!

Could it really be possible?

All it takes is one idea, one conversation, one new way of looking at something… and then BOOM… you’re off in an entirely new direction and living a life you never thought was possible.

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