Hi, I’m Kristen and I am really excited to be your Tiny Habits Coach this week.

If you ever feel stuck, you can reach me at kristen.manieri@tinyhabitscoach.com.   

Here are some of my favorite Tiny Habit Recipes:


  • After I walk into the kitchen in the morning, I will pour myself a glass of water.
  • After I make the kids’ breakfast, I will set out my vitamins for the day.


  • After I tuck in the kids, I will prepare my overnight oats.
  • After I eat my breakfast, I will take my vitamins.


  • After I get into bed, I will set my timer to go off at 9:45pm and then I will turn out my light when it goes off.
  • After I notice it’s 8pm, I will take two magnesium capsules.


  • After I pick up my toothbrush at night, I will set my timer for two minutes.
  • After I start brushing my teeth, I will prepare my workout clothes for the next morning.


  • After I finish my exercise, I will stretch for one minute.
  • After I stretch, I will do 1 abdominal crunch.


  • After I get into bed at night, I will practice my ukulele for one minute.
  • After I feed I make my morning tea, I will meditate for one minute.


  • After I go pee, I will take three deep breaths.
  • After I sit down for dinner, I will take a mindful pause before I start eating.

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