A Thriving Marriage: The Path to Resilient Partnership

Join me for a transformative 8-week journey where couples discover the secrets to resilient partnership. During our time together in private sessions, you’ll unlock the keys to thriving in your marriage as we dive into your unique formula for marriage success and satisfaction, including:

  • Identifying your marriage superpower and kryptonite;
  • Setting meaningful goals, and cultivating habits that foster closeness;
  • Deciphering between expectations and agreements;
  • Tackling challenges and creating a strategic plan for lasting happiness;
  • Creating a roadmap for a stronger partnership through support rituals;
  • Redefining your marriage’s future.

This comprehensive, individualized program empowers couples to enhance their relationship resilience and deepen satisfaction through eight key exerciese. It includes 8 private sessions held on Zoom with exercises to complete in between. Each session is approximately 60 minutes. The investment is $1,650 per couple.

A Thriving Marriage is designed for couples seeking to revitalize their marriage and unleash the full potential of their partnership.

Craft your love story anew and build the relationship you desire with intention.

Contact me today to book a complimentary discovery call about this program.

Email kristen@kristenmanieri.com or call 407-719-5190.


Kristen Manieri has been a guiding force for individuals and groups since 2018, offering a unique blend of inner introspection and tangible, external transformation. Her clients and participants not only witness profound shifts in their paradigms and mindset, but also develop the practical tools, strategies and rituals essential for creating lasting change in their behavior, habits, and ultimately, their performance.


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