Thrive 2022

You’re invited to Thrive 2022, a three-month, interactive program designed to inspire you to unapologetically fill your life with what feels good.

Imagine this:

  • You wake up each day feeling excited and energized.
  • You know exactly what matters (and what doesn’t) and you easily stay committed and on track.
  • You have unapologetically filled your life with what feels good, including friendships, self-care, solitude and fun.
  • You’re moving in the direction of your dreams with confidence and clarity.

This is what thriving looks like. It’s a life that’s rooted in one core principle: you matter.


Live deliberately. Actively engage in your personal evolution. Bring attention and intention to what occupies your thoughts, and uses your time and energy.

Be on your journey like it matters.

Because it does matter. Live like you mean it!


Thrive 2022 is kicking off on January 5th. You’ll join a group of incredible women who are ready to learn, grow and connect together.

We’ll discuss important matters, such as boundaries, patterns and rest.

We’ll do a deep study into two books.

We’ll lift off rituals and routines that nourish our lives and fuel our spirits.

We’ll get to know each other, but more importantly, we’ll get to know ourselves like never before. 


  • We’ll meet three times per month in the evening
  • Wednesdays from 8-9:30pm EST
  • January, February, March
  • Total cost is $250
  • Registration closes December 31


Option one: “I’m in!!” Awesome. Register here.

Option two: “I have questions.” Awesome. Book a call with me here.


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