Bloom into all that you are capable of being and becoming. 

Thrive is a six-week group course designed to awaken participants to the experience of living fully, no longer constrained, limited and defined by unconscious wiring, patterns and tendencies. 

It is delivered through video calls, weekly journalling prompts and readings.

We cannot discover who we can be, what we can create and how far we can fly until we expand the experience of living outside the bounds and limits of our mind and its unconscious and nonstop thinking, assessing and interpreting. 

Our wiring, tendencies and patterns have helped us to survive so far. We’ve created a pretty good life. As far as society and culture is concerned, we’re getting by quite well. 

But are we thriving? Do we wake each day with a thrill of exhilaration, a passion for living full out, a sense of unwavering contentment and hopeful anticipation? 

Imagine that. 

Imagine finding the intersection between total contentment with the moment, total ease with what is AND the pure delight of knowing you are capable of more…. more love, more expansion, more evolution, more joy. 

Thriving is the sense that you are always blooming, always becoming more and more of who you are meant to be.

It is flourishing boundlessly, free of any confines of what may be possible. It is living limitlessly. 

Prerequisite: Awakened Living Introductory Course (learn more here) or one-on-one intensive.

COURSE DATES AND TIME: 9:30am-11am EST (Registration for the fall session is now closed)

  • Tuesday, August 27
  • Tuesday, September 3
  • One on One Coaching Week of September 9
  • Tuesday, September 17
  • Tuesday, September 24
  • Friday, October 4
  • Tuesday, October 8
This course is limited to only a very few number of participants. 
The fee is $495, including all group video calls, reading materials and one-on-one sessions with Kristen. 
TO REGISTER: Email to initiate the registration process or to ask questions. 

About This Course


  • Identifying the patterns and wiring that make up this human we embody. 
  • Discover the beliefs that guide our thoughts, feelings and actions. 
  • Begin to bloom consciously, not from our human need to fit in, be perfect, look good and belong. 
  • Set off on a new way of living that makes feeling good and living authentically your highest priority. 
  • Continue the habit of tuning into ourselves throughout the day and within our daily centering practice. 


  • Six group video calls  
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • One non-fiction book mailed before course start date 
  • Two dedicated (one-on-one) sessions with Kristen 

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