The Resilience Project

Everyone has the ability to recover from mental and physical stress; however, the capacity for resilience is very unique for each and every individual. In other words, resilience is both personal and malleable. It can be strengthened but it also can be weakened. When we begin to see the energy, focus and creativity we use to resource us in our work and relationships as something flowing from a renewable reserve, we begin to tune into the importance of being deliberate, even tactical, about how we replenish ourselves and eliminate sources of drag each day.

Sourced from research related to energy management, meditation and self-maintenance, this program is designed to help individuals tap into a deeper and more sustainable fuel for their work and play. This integrated approach to performance acknowledges that we are not machines that can be hacked for peak performance; we are humans that ebb and flow, rest and go, engage and disengage.

This customized course will take individuals and teams through the process of:

  • auditing energy output
  • exploring current and future self-maintenance rituals
  • identifying the presence of helpful and harmful stressors (both internally and externally)
  • implementing habits for rest and refuel
  • creating agreements within teams to honor each individual’s resilience capacity and refuel strategy

To discuss a customized program for your workplace, please book an appointment with Kristen Manieri via email: kristen@kristenmanieri.com.


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