At-Home Silent Retreat: January 2021

You’re invited…

… to set aside two silent days to retreat into your inner reservoir of stillness and wisdom.

The ancient practice of the silent retreat has made an appearance across spiritual traditions and secular contemplative pursuits for centuries. Retreating is deep work, affording us the opportunity to sink further into our awareness and inquiry, to fully disconnect from our daily obligations, and to swim further out into our inner seas of wisdom and intuition.

In retreat, we rest, we unplug, we find sanctuary in our own inner refuge.

Hi, I’m Kristen and I’m a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Stress-Management Consultant and Resilience Trainer.


I will be hosting an at-home silent retreat Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24, 2021. You will participate in your own home and we will meet as a group at scheduled times over Zoom.

Our two days together will include:

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • walking meditation
  • yoga
  • short talks

You will be given all the support and resources you need to set up your retreat space. Part of that process will include shifting your schedule and making agreements in your relationships so spending two days in silence is possible for you.


We will first meet on Friday, January 15 from 11am-noon EST to discuss the set-up of your retreat and any obstacles or issues you are encountering. If you are unable to make this call, you will be able to access the recording or book another session with me. Effectively preparing for your retreat is paramount and I will work closely with you to make sure you are set up to be able to successfully step away.


We will enter into silence from the moment we wake on Saturday until we collectively end our retreat together early Sunday evening. A more detailed schedule, including meal times and blocks for journaling and walking, will be given to you about a week before.


The retreat cost is $99 and includes:

  • instructor-led group sessions throughout Saturday and Sunday, as well as the prep call
  • journal activities for completion before, during and after the retreat
  • support resources for setting up and maintaining your retreat space
  • full availability before and during the retreat for coaching around any feelings or thoughts that arise and cannot be worked with on your own
  • a copy of the 60 Mindful Minutes Practice Guide & 28-Day Workbook (US participants only)


If you are interested in joining us, REGISTER HERE. Any questions can be directed to me here.


Can I speak to my partner/kids during this retreat? The level to which you commit to silence outside of our group time together is completely up to you. The restorative benefits of total silence are extraordinary. I would encourage you to work with the people you share your home with to set up the possibility of full silence during your retreat.

How do I do meals during my retreat? Feel free to organize your meal times with your family. You will be given a schedule about a week before so that you can coordinate with them. Also, there will be enough time for meals to allow you to prepare them, if necessary.

Where would I set up my retreat at home? I suggest a bedroom or home office with a door you can shut. I also suggest investing in a white noise machine so you can block most of the household sounds. Part of preparing yourself and your home for the retreat will be addressing agreements with family members about noise and interruptions.

What if I can only attend one of the days? It would be ideal if you could join us for both days, but one day is better than none. Please feel free to participate as much as you can but know that the program fee remains the same either way.

Can I make plans for Saturday night? While we won’t be formally meeting later into the evening of Saturday, you will still be technically inside the retreat. You will be given a list of suggested activities to do when we are not formally together but please plan to stay home for the entire two days.



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