WEDNESDAY WORKSHOP: What’s Taking Up Space

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOP: What’s Taking Up Space


We carry a lot. Sometimes it’s worry, sometimes it’s regret, sometimes it’s happy anticipation. Regardless, our thoughts take up space, especially when they seem to go unresolved, feel unsettled or cause us to ruminate for long periods of time without any productive action or resolution.

Join me for a FREE, 60-minute, interactive workshop with an aim to identify what may be taking up (too much) space in your mind, burdening you unnecessarily and robbing you of energy and creativity that would be best served elsewhere.

Get clarity, let some things go, decide on a way forward, and get intentional about liberating yourself from whatever is weighing you down.

Please bring a journal or piece of paper so you can do the work of exploring this topic and how it relates specifically to your life.

This live workshop takes place on Wednesday, October 13 at 12:30pm EST (9:30am PST).

NOTE: This online workshop will be NOT recorded.