Offer to do a deep dive

Congratulations again for completing the five-day Daily Ground Course

There’s a chance you might be struggling with some obstacles for having a daily centering practice into your life.

Let’s hop on a call a do a personalized deep dive into your practice and explore solutions to any challenges you are facing.

I offer a 45-minute Deep Dive session for $99. During this call, we will discuss:

  • A structure that’s just right for you, including the when and the where of your daily practice
  • The best elements to build into your specific practice
  • Ideas to consciously set the direction of your day and your life
  • Resources such as your Why Worksheet and your mini practice

By cultivating a daily practice, we start to feel:

  • More focused, grounded and anchored
  • More peaceful and aware you are.
  • Stronger in our ability to catch when we are off track and to come back to our center
  • Stronger in our ability to become the master of your mind

I’d love to spend time with you to explore your practice!

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Once we have confirmed payment, you will receive a link to schedule yourself into my calendar some time in the next 30 days.

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