Mindful Leaders & Teams

Mindfulness is no longer reserved for monks, gurus and cave dwellers; it is now a mainstream component of holistic wellness. Our ability to access insights, creativity and innovative problem-solving stems from our relationship with our own mind. Our growth, development and emotional intelligence all link back to our ability to tune into ourselves and upgrade our response and interpretations.

The truth is, most of the work we do as leaders and as members of a team is an inside job. When things change inside us, things change around us. When we address the need for and the benefits of attending to our inner world, we begin to see how much more effective we are at making changes in our outer world. Mindfulness habits and practices that cultivate a culture of consciousness, calm, collaboration and compassion belong in the workplace now more than ever.

In this program, participants will learn how to:

  • establish daily centering practices for individuals and teams
  • embed mindfulness habits into workflow
  • build more harmonious collaborations between teams
  • create a culture that supports introspection and growth for its own sake
  • build mindfulness practices into corporate wellness programs

To discuss a customized program for your workplace, please book an appointment with Kristen Manieri via email: kristen@kristenmanieri.com.

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