Guided Mindfulness Journals

I’m so thrilled to share that my new mindfulness journals are now available.

Mindfulness Journal: Daily Check-In: Prompts to Motivate, Track, and Observe Your Mindfulness Practice

Be more mindful every day for consistent growth

Being mindful inspires an improved attitude and a more reflective outlook on life, but it can be hard to maintain. Mindfulness Journal: Daily Check-In provides an accessible, sustainable approach that makes it easy to build your practice and encourage regular reflection.

With space to set morning intentions and end each day with evening reflections, this journal provides simple prompts even on your busiest days.

With Mindfulness Journal: Daily Check-In, you’ll discover:

  • Brief daily prompts―Find the time to check in with interactive journal exercises that inspire pause and reflection.
  • 90-day schedule―With three months’ worth of journal space, you’ll have ample time to build a mindfulness habit.
  • Trackable progress―The super-simple morning-to-evening format helps you track your evolving mindfulness from sunup to sundown.

Develop a mindfulness routine and infuse peace, happiness, and gratitude into your life.

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Mindfulness Journal for Teens: Daily Check-In: Prompts to Help You Record and Grow Your Mindfulness Practice

Help teens get to know themselves better through mindfulness journaling

A teen’s mind and body are going through major changes, and it can be overwhelming for them as they learn to understand themselves, the world around them, and their place in it. Practicing mindfulness can help teens slow down and get a grip on it all. With 90 days of simple prompts, this guided journal helps teens keep track of their progress as they learn how to relieve stress, find calm, and cultivate a positive mindset through mindfulness.

This mindfulness journal invites teens to:

  • Build a daily practice―Inspire teens to take just a few minutes each day to check in with themselves and establish a mindfulness routine they can benefit from starting today.
  • Set intentions in the morning―These prompts help teens direct their energy, focus on what they have the power to change, and release whatever’s on their minds so they can start their days off right.
  • Reflect in the evening―Encourage teens to think back on their day and document their favorite moments, what they’re grateful for, how they stayed grounded, and what they’re willing to let go.

Give teens the tools to live more mindfully and find joy in the small things, with the Mindfulness Journal for Teens.

Buy your copy here. 

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