Healthy Habit-Building Workshop – April 28

Most of us want to change our behavior for the better. We know that having healthy habits would mean we could do the things we want to do consistently and without so much effort and willpower. The trouble is, most of us never learn how habits are effectively built.

When we learn the science behind effective habit-building, we discover a way to change our behavior in deep and lasting ways. In essence, we become unstoppable.

As a habits coach, I’m trained in a proven methodology created and tested by behavioral scientists at Stanford University for over 20 years.

During our 60-minute Healthy Habit-Building Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets behind how to make your habits stick;
  • What stopped you from being able to stick with your habits in the past;
  • Why motivation and willpower don’t create habits (and you’ll learn what does);
  • How to troubleshoot your habits;
  • The surefire, proven way to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

This FREE workshop includes:

  • A 60-minute, interactive habit-building experience;
  • Unlimited access to through email for five days afterward.

This workshop is being offered exclusively to clients of Sarah Geha.


Wednesday, April 28
12pm – 1pm EST

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