Connect Method Parenting with Andee Martineau

One of the most challenging things about raising a family is trying to get your kids to listen, make good choices, and do what you need them to do. As a mom of six and a longtime parenting coach, Andee Martineau has cultivated and now teaches a parenting methodology that puts connection ahead of correction. This week, she’ll discuss the key ideas from her book, Connect Method Parenting: How to Get Your Kids to WANT to Listen to You Without the Yelling, Ultimatums, and Bribes.

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Andee Martineau is a parenting coach and mom of six who specializes in helping parents all over the world raise their kids without yelling, ultimatums or bribes. Using her Connect Method Parenting techniques, she has taught thousands of moms to feel more in control of family life, stress less, get their kids to listen, and more. Andee is a former registered nurse who brings to her clients years of hands-on experience raising her own children (ages 13-22) and coursework in developmental psychology as well as certifications in life coaching and integrative health coaching. Andee is the author of ‘Connect Method Parenting: how to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums, and bribes’. When she’s not spreading her message that parenting is about connecting and not correcting, you can find her relaxing at the creek next to her home. She lives in a cabin in the woods of Utah with her husband, children and their Sheepadoodle, Leia.

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