The Profound Identity Shift of Motherhood with Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco

Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco’s book and this interview offer some incredibly valuable insights. Listen wherever you stream podcasts (Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio) or listen here:


Becoming a mother is a joyful rite of passage, but it can also bring overwhelming emotional upheaval, exhaustion, and self-doubt. And is it any wonder? Motherhood changes everything, right down to a woman’s brain chemistry. In her new book, Mom Brain: Proven Strategies to Fight the Anxiety, Guilt, and Overwhelming Emotions of Motherhood–And Relax Into Your New Self, Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco, Ph.D (mother of two) offers a compassionate, science-based psychological strategy for helping moms cope with common challenges and make peace with their transformed identity.

In our conversation, we discuss:

  • Understanding “mom brain”;
  • Learning to shift into your new identity as a mother;
  • Ways to cope with challenging times in real-time;
  • Self-compassion and mindfulness as critical tools for modern moms;
  • Realistic, everyday self-care.


Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco, Ph.D. is a NJ and NY State licensed clinical psychologist and writer
 specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and stress, with a sub-specialty in working with mothers of young children. She is the Founder/Director of the North Jersey Center for Anxiety and Stress Management in Summit, NJ and a Diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. She was previously an Assistant Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at the Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. She earned a B.A. in psychology from Yale University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. Dr. Dobrow DiMarco’s writing on maternal stress and anxiety has been featured in Motherwell, Motherly, Pop Sugar Moms, Psychology Today, Scary Mommy, The Week, and Today Parenting. She is the author of Mom Brain: Proven Strategies to Fight the Anxiety, Guilt, and Overwhelming Emotions of Motherhood–And Relax Into Your New Self, to be published by Guilford Press in May 2021. Learn more at drcbtmom.com.



Kristen Manieri is certified as both a habits coach and a mindfulness teacher. She specializes in: stress reduction, energy management, mindset, resilience, habit formation, rest rituals, and self-care. As the host of the weekly 60 Mindful Minutes podcast, an Apple top 100 social science podcast, Kristen has interviewed over 100 authors and thought leaders about what it means to live a more conscious, connected, intentional and joyful life. Learn more at kristenmanieri.com/work-with-me.

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