Creating Effective Work-Home Boundaries

As our workplace becomes dramatically more digital and virtual, we see the line between on time and off time become increasingly blurred. And yet, research shows that our endurance and performance is directly proportional to the amount of time we give ourselves to rest and unplug.

Without effective transitions, rituals, habits and agreements that clearly delineate work life from home life, how do we turn off? Without clear boundaries, how do we allow ourselves to be inaccessible and unavailable? More and more we are moving toward a 24/7 workplace and the result is that creativity, focus and performance suffer both at home and work.

With deliberateness, intention and discipline, individuals and teams in this program will learn how to:

  • establish transition rituals between home and work (even if you work from home)
  • communicate and set clear agreements with teammates that eliminate unsaid and unclear expectations that can lead to an “always on” atmosphere
  • cultivate disciplined habits that establish healthier wok/life balance
  • reset an “always on” workplace culture and foster a sense of prioritized wellbeing among teams

To discuss a customized program for your workplace, please book an appointment with Kristen Manieri via email: kristen@kristenmanieri.com.

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