Awakened Mama

Slow way down. Turn inward. Connect more deeply.

This Awakened Mama course is a four-week group course delivered through video calls, weekly journaling prompts and readings.

So many parents with grown kids look back on the early years with a wistful, almost mournful sense of how fleeting it all was. I wonder how many wish they could go back and do things differently.

The trouble is, they can’t. None of us can.

All we can do is live more consciously now. And the more we can ground ourselves in the present, slowing our family life waaaaaaay down, the more we can parent from an awakened mind and spirit. And when we parent from this place, we connect more deeply with our kids and ourselves. As the years and decades pass, that connection will be our most prized asset.

Being an awakened mama means doing the inside work of becoming a whole, centered and sturdy human so we can be with the ups and downs of our little humans with more grace, love and wisdom.

Prerequisite: Awakened Living Introductory Course  (learn more hereor one-on-one intensive.


Returning Summer 2020


This course is limited to only a very few number of participants.


$195: includes weekly group video calls and journal prompts.


$495; includes weekly group video calls and journal prompts PLUS reading materials and two one-on-one sessions with Kristen.

TO REGISTER: Email to initiate the registration process or to ask questions.

About This Course


  • The ability to evoke calm and stability amidst chaos and conflict.
  • The creation of a partner-based relationship with your child/children.
  • The experience of mothering from a place of consciousness and awareness.
  • The continued cultivation of a regular self-centering practice.
  • The view of yourself as a powerful, wise, loving and grounded force in your family.


  • Four 90-minute group calls over four weeks
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Weekly reading assignments

Awakened Living Graduate

I am still in awe at the impact the Awakened Living course has had on me and the changes I am seeing on my life already. I had been on this journey of trying to be better, be happier, find myself and I feel like I was all over the place sometimes. The master class has brought up all these ideas, intentions, and emotions together and provided a path for all of them to flow forward with focus and complete dedication. The books, the discussions, the journal assignments, they have all taught me so much and have given me so many aha moments. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity the class has provided to bring such meaningful connections to my life. So much of my learning comes from hearing the amazing women in the class share their stories. The class has given me new perspectives that make so much sense and that are helping me take better care of myself and be a better mom. I know this is work I am going to be doing my entire life but I feel the path to do so is so much more clear and solid because of this experience.

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