28-Day Habit Transformation Program

We all have things we wish we could do consistently but somehow we just can’t figure out how to get ourselves to do them. That’s because most of us have been taught that we change our behavior through wanting it bad enough (motivation) and trying hard enough (willpower). Here’s what I mean:

  • Have you ever noticed that when you go to start a new behavior or routine, you have LOTS of enthusiasm and gusto at first? It doesn’t matter if the activity is hard because you’re so darn excited about changing.
  • Then a few days go by and the activity DOES start to feel hard. No problem… you use willpower.
  • Then, after a few more days, you don’t really want to do this activity anymore (your willpower has diminished) and you really can’t remember why you cared so much about changing in the first place (your motivation is gone).
  • Then you stop doing the activity.

We’ve all been there. But here’s what we didn’t realize: Using motivation and willpower to create lasting change is a recipe for failure. What we need are HABITS!

Our lives are built on an invisible bedrock of habits. Our automated behaviors help us to do so many things, almost effortlessly. But most of us have been trying to build habits in a completely ineffective way.

Imagine if you could learn the science behind effective habit-building so that you could consistently do all the things you really want to do. You would be unstoppable.

During our 28 days together, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets behind how to make your habits stick;
  • What stopped you from being able to stick with your habits in the past;
  • How to troubleshoot your habits;
  • The surefire, proven way to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

I use a research-based methodology developed at Stanford University (and tested on over 40,000 people) to help clients change their lives through habits. 

Your $500 investment includes:

  • 90-minute onboard coaching call to formulate an individualized plan;
  • Daily check-in over email or text (I am with you EVERY step of the way);
  • 30-minute check-in call at halfway point;
  • 30-minute recap call upon completion.

At the end of our month together, you’ll have effectively built five habits AND (more importantly) you will have learned your tried and tested way for how you change your own behavior through habits.

Stop using willpower and motivation to create behavior change; these are not sustainable or reliable. Learn to methodically create habits and you’ll be able to consistently do all the things you want to do, without all the stress, effort and disappointment.


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