By Kristen Manieri

My 2024 GrowthMap Goals and Aspirations Tracker

For the last two years, I’ve spent January 1st creating a gigantic download of all the things I want in the year ahead. The list includes:

  • Habits I want to start
  • Relationships I want to improve
  • Places I want to visit
  • Projects I aim to complete
  • New hobbies I’m interested in exploring
  • Intentions I want to focus on
  • Topics I want to learn more about
  • Ideas I want to implement

I end up with a list of about 50 goals and aspirations. Each year, I’ve attempted to revisit this list, however, by the time spring rolls around, it’s no longer top of mind.  As the year marches on, the entire project loses steam and I barely scratch the surface of what I wanted to accomplish.

A few months ago, I started thinking about how I might do it differently this year. I asked myself: how could I stay focused on all of these goals and aspirations but also not get overwhelmed by trying to do too much at once? How could I stay inspired and committed, slowly but consistently tackling my list all year long?

The result is my new 2024 GrowthMap.


What you’ll find in this PDF is a method for advancing your life, prioritizing what matters, and completing your goals in a systematic way. It’s designed to have you methodically moving forward–growing as a person, bettering yourself and your life–through a step-by-step process that carries you all year long.

I’m excited to share this method with you in the hopes that you’ll continue to do what humans are designed to do: GROW!

So, enjoy creating your GrowthMap for 2024.

With love,



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