By Kristen Manieri

Give the Gift of Habit Coaching

If it was easy to create habits, we’d all have slim waistlines, perpetually tidy homes and flourishing houseplants. But as we all know, changing our behavior is challenging. There is an art and a science to creating habits, though. With the right process, all change is possible.

With years of training and study, curriculum development, habit coaching and my own personal habit creation, I’ve developed a tried and tested habit-building process with incredible outcomes. My D.E.A.R. Method has provided a refreshing and innovative approach to assisting individuals in completely rediscovering what it means to build habits.

During this five-week, one-on-one Habit Coaching experience, clients learn to become their very own behavioral scientist.

By the end of our time together, clients don’t just have a plan, they have a blueprint that transforms their habit-building journey from a mere attempt to an informed, intentional, and individualized strategy.

This holiday season, give the gift of habit coaching.  Each package includes:

  • 90-minute onboarding coaching call to formulate an individualized plan for 3 habits;
  • 4 weekly check-in calls (30 minutes each);
  • Text check-ins as needed;
  • Habits roadmap;
  • PDF gift certificate (once purchased, we will reach out to you to individualize and deliver when requested).


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