By Kristen Manieri

Thriving Through Rituals: A 6-Week Journey to Create Your Unique Centered-Living Blueprint

A new season is almost upon us and with this change comes the opportunity to create a new beginning and start a new chapter of your life. When this is done with intention, when you deliberately create what you want for your life, magic happens.

Let’s make magic together!

Join me for a transformative six-week course dedicated to crafting habits and rituals that will empower you to center yourself, boost your energy, and fall deeply in love with every aspect of your life. Throughout this journey, we’ll delve into the intricate layers of your life, identifying the key elements that set the stage for your personal thriving. You’ll establish meaningful seasonal goals and create a step-by-step roadmap for their achievement.

Unearth what truly drives your best self, uncover obstacles, and adopt practices and safeguards that will not only keep you on course but infuse joy into every step of your journey.

This is a live, small-group experience designed to facilitate engagement and participation during our weekly, 75-minute sessions.

What you can expect:

  • You will curate habits and rituals that lead to a centered, energized, and deeply passionate life experience;
  • You will gain profound insights into your best self, identify stumbling blocks, and acquire the tools and guidelines required to consistently and joyfully stay the track.

Each member of our small group will be given reflection practices to work on between sessions and we will discuss our discoveries each time we meet.


Join by September 15th and receive a 60-minute private coaching session.


We kick off Tuesday, September 26th. We will always meet at 8pm EST.

Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, September 26
Tuesday, October 3
Tuesday, October 10
Tuesday, October 17
Tuesday, October 24
Tuesday, November 7

Space is limited.

The investment for this 6-week odyssey is $500 per person.

Join me for a life-changing experience dedicated to the art of designing habits and rituals that cultivate inner balance, boundless energy, and an unwavering love affair with life itself.

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Once your registration is received, you will be emailed a credit card payment link within 24 hours.


Registration closes September 22.

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