By Kristen Manieri

How to Wander with Intention with Erika Owen

Have you ever been walking home from work and unexpectedly took a different path just to curiously explore your neighborhood? Or have you been on a vacation and walked around a new city with no destination in mind? Then chances are, you’re a flaneur and you didn’t even know it!

Until I discovered author Erika Owen, I had no idea what flaneuring was. But after reading her book, The Art of Flaneuring: How to Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life, and having the opportunity to interview Erika, I have fallen in love with this idea of whimsically wandering.

No matter where we live, whether it’s city, country or suburban, we can be with our surroundings with fresh eyes. This is what flaneuring is about. In fact, it not only reinvigorates our sense of awe but also our creativity. It helps us cultivate mindfulness, increase gratitude and make us fall more deeply in love with where we live and where we travel.

What’s ahead is a conversation about why and how to flaneur and what happens when we let whimsy be our guide. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

To learn more about Erika and her book, The Art of Flaneuring, visit www.erikaraeowen.com.

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