By Kristen Manieri

Our Beauty Contracts with Jeanette Johnson

It’s my belief that the first step in living more mindfully is that we start to pay attention to how we are living, what we are thinking and the choices we are making. That includes beauty.

As the founder of J’s Everyday Fashion, one of the internet’s first-ever budget fashion blogs, Jeanette Johnson’s life was steeped in beauty. But as you’ll hear, her experiences set her on a journey to not only begin to question our unspoken beauty contracts, but to challenge the whole idea that we get our value from how we look.

This journey inspired Jeanette to write her second book, Beauty Full: Awakening to Your Radiance Within, which we focused on during this episode of 60 Mindful Minutes. She has a very interesting story and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

I’ve got some good news for you! For a short time, Jeanette is offering free access to a digital version of her book, which you can access at www.thebeautycontract.com. You can also check out Jeanette’s blog at jseverydayfashion.com and her business, Wall Crawl, at www.wallcrawl.com/.


  1. When we are unconscious to it, our belonging can be very conditional in this culture. And when it comes to beauty, there is a way we’re supposed to look and dress. This undetected beauty contract impacts how we treat ourselves and others. Start by asking: what beauty contracts have I signed?
  2. Beautyism is real. We absolutely sort people in or out based on the way they look. Left unchecked, we inadvertently treat people differently or favor other people based on how closely they adhere to our culture’s version of beauty. But we can change this just by becoming more aware.
  3. If we’re looking for enoughness outside of us, we’re going to be setting ourselves up for failure. We can’t get our worth from the outside, from other people’s approval. We can’t earn it. It’s innate. I feel like we each need to remind ourselves of this every single day.
  4. We need to start paying attention to radiance over beauty. We need to start fanning our own flames and the flames of others. We need to start tending to and owning our light so we can let our radiance shine.
  5. Get in touch with what you already have: love, belonging, worth. That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy getting dressed up; we can. But so much of our worth has nothing to do with our outer appearance.


A big thanks to Jeannette Johnson for joining me this week. And a big thanks to you as well. If you think someone in your life would benefit from hearing these insights, take a screenshot of this episode and pass it on.

Until next time, stay well out there.

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