By Kristen Manieri

Mindfully Decluttering with Laurie Palau

The interesting thing about doing this podcast right with all that’s happening in the world right now is that I’m challenged to keep bringing you guests and topics that are inspiring but also helpful. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you might need right now. And since many of us are spending time at home doing our duty to self-isolate from the world, I bet there are a lot of people who are using this time to tackle house projects, reorganize and declutter.

While the tactical side of reducing clutter, and making your space more lovely and livable are important, there’s also a psychological side to why we have what we have, buy what we buy and keep what we keep. Author, organization expert, and fellow podcaster Laurie Palau joined us this week to share with us the tactical side of tackling our spaces but also her insights on how getting our home organized is just as much of an inside job as it is an outside job.

She’s smart, helpful and hilarious. And I can’t wait to share her with you.

To learn more about Laurie, her book (Hot Mess) and to get access her free resources, head to Laurie’s website:  simplyborganized.com.

I also wanted to mention that if the part of our conversation about kids and clutter resonated with you, you might want to listen to episode #138 of Laurie’s podcast This Organized Life. She interviews her daughter in this episode and it was a really good conversation.


  1. Diagnose your clutter. Is it physical clutter, emotional clutter or calendar clutter? Before you dive into a closet or cupboard, it’s helpful to stop for a beat and ask yourself what sort of clutter you have and why.
  2. Decluttering and organizing, if you let it, can be a journey of self-discovery. You can use the experience to investigate and contemplate why you have the things you have, and if it’s relevant, why you have so much of it? And if you have finally found the time to declutter and you’re still resisting it, send some time wondering why.
  3. Organizing and having systems to stay on top of clutter is a learned skill. Not all of us are born with an innate ability to be organized. You may need to learn some tactics. Your kids may need to learn some specific, small actionable steps in order to get started (like Laurie’s ESP method).
  4. When we create space on the outside, we find space on the inside. With most of us managing a lot of fear and anxiety, perhaps we can put some intention into making our home a sanctuary, the place where we can get steady again. Connect the job of tackling clutter with the awareness of how you will feel when it’s done.
  5. Start small and in small sections. Get some wins. Build some momentum. Stop and celebrate your success before you tackle the next space.


Thank you, Laurie for joining me on the 60 Mindful Minutes podcast this week.

Stay well out there.

See you next time.

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