By Kristen Manieri

A Fast Forward Mindset for 2020

For my last podcast episode of 2020, I had the opportunity to interview David Schnurman, who is the author of The Fast Forward Mindset: How to be Fearless and Focused to Accelerate Your Success.

Looking ahead to a new year, I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling of possibility and wonder at all that could be created and accomplished. It’s exciting to imagine what 2020 could be. But if I’m honest, this feeling of possibility and excitement is familiar. In fact, I feel this way at the beginning of every year. And while I can look back and see all the ways I have grown and succeeded, I can also see where I ran out of gas, threw in the towel before the finish line, and times when I never even stepped on the race track.

I write this not with a sense of regret but with a sense of curiosity. Why do I transcend doubt, fear and obstacles sometimes and why do I succumb to them at other times?

As I ponder these questions, I feel grateful that David and his book arrived into my life, because his message is all about how to break through the walls (many, by the way, are on the inside) in order to attain more success and happiness.

In writing his book, The Fast Forward Mindset, David shares his passion for living life to the fullest, even when things don’t go as planned, even when fear and doubt can feel crippling. In our conversation, you’ll not only learn more about having a fast forward mindset, which includes getting outside of your comfort zone and having laser focus, but we also discuss potential, commitment and consistency.

It’s a great conversation, especially if you’re looking ahead into 2020 with aspirations to have an unstoppable year.


I think one of my favorite things David said was when he suggested we ask ourselves: What would 2020 look like if you lived life to your fullest potential? So, seriously… what would it look like? Get your journal out and start writing.

But before you do, here are a few of my favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation:

  1. The Fast Forward Mindset is all about living to your fullest potential so you can fast forward your impact on the world around you. We’re all here for a reason; we all have something unique and special to give. When you apply the focus and the resilience David writes about in his book, we give ourselves the best opportunity shine.
  2. Fear is inevitable; we have to find a way to work around it. When we’re doing things we’ve never done before, there should be a healthy level of fear. If you think about it, fear is proof that we’re living fully.
  3. What’s your “I wonder if…” and how could you start navigating your life towards it. I loved this thought: you don’t even have believe it could happen. Just starting imaging… what if… and have the mindset of maybe, some day, why not?
  4. Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be skydiving or moving to a new country. We can do small things every day to start to become more immune to our fear. Start practicing with baby steps so when a big opportunity comes along, something that would really stretch you, you’ve already cultivated the skill of managing fear.
  5. We’re designed to keep expanding and moving forward, growing and stretching, becoming more and more of who we can be. It’s heathy to keep moving the bar further and further, as long as we’re taking some time to acknowledge our progress and be grateful for what we already have and have achieved.
  6. When David makes a commitment, he keeps it. What would your life look like if you made this the number one habit you developed? When we’re constantly breaking little agreements, that becomes our habit, and it affects us mentally, even at a low, unconscious level. It takes our power away.
  7. Agree to less things. Keep your commitments lean when you’re aiming to live to your fullest so that you can give your goals most of your focus.
  8. Know what makes you special. Do an internal audit and ask some close friends and family. Give yourself the gift of confidence.
  9. Focus and follow through are superpowers. To keep putting one foot in front of the other with consistency, even when the journey is hard or boring, is what separates the good from the great. And it all comes down to consistently keeping our commitments and not giving up in the face of fear.

A big thanks to David for joining me. You can learn more about him at www.ffwdmindset.com.

And to you… I hope 2020 is amazing. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Until next time,

Keep on living the Synced Life.

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