By Kristen Manieri

Travel The World with Your Kids

A few weeks ago I saw a quote on Instagram that has really stuck with me. It said: Do more of what you daydream about. 

If you were to peek into my daydreams you’d see travel, travel and more travel. To me, the world is an endless expanse of new experiences, new people and new places to delight and fascinate me. Here’s my motto: go everywhere… meet everyone… eat everything. 

Knowing that travel is such a huge priority of mine, it’s probably not surprising to imagine that I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what it would be like for Marc and I to take the kids out of school and travel full-time… for months or maybe years. 

So, armed with bottomless curiosity and an arsenal of questions, I went looking for someone who has embraced a lifestyle of continuous travel, which is how I found Alyson Long, founder of the World Travel Family travel blog

Besides being the voice of World Travel Family blog, a website she created while traveling full-time to some extraordinary destinations with her husband and two children, Alyson is a published writer and home educator, and has a degree in zoology and comparative physiology. She was a chief medical scientist in London before switching to blog creation and full-time motherhood. 

As Alyson will tell you, a nomadic lifestyle was a dream come true for this family and these days, after six years of travel, they have no plans to retire from this adventure. Along the way, she’s navigated everything from visas to vaccines to home schooling regulations. 

I wanted to know the how and where and why. And as you’ll see from Alyson’s blog and hear from our conversation, she doesn’t hold back in her honesty, authenticity and the abundance of valuable insights and experiences she shares.  

I’m so excited for you to hear this interview… our last in Season Two!


1) Be radical! Think way outside of the box. Leave the herd. Just because everyone else is raising their family or doing life a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to. 

2) Rethink school. There are so many options these days, including home schooling, world schooling, travel schooling, un-schooling, virtual schooling, and so on. Go discover what alternatives and resources may be out there and if they might work better for you and your kids than traditional school. 

3) Start thinking of travel as the best teaching tool out there. Think about it. Traveling the world means you learn about history, geography, politics, economics, language and science. There’s such an education waiting outside of a textbook and a classroom. And as Alyson says, having kids is reason to travel, never a reason to stop. 

4) If you start making some shifts, maybe doing things differently than your neighbors or friends, expect to feel a little out on a limb. It can be uncomfortable to dance to a different beat, to stray from the herd. We’re wired to fit in and belong. But don’t let this wiring stop you from doing what’s best for you and your family. 

5) Consider becoming a low consumer. Spending less money on things and having less stuff means more freedom. 


If you want to learn more about Alyson, I really encourage you to go to https://worldtravelfamily.com/

So, that’s it for me for a few months. This is our last episode of Season 2 but we’ll be back in September to begin Season 3. I’ve got lots of traveling to do first. 

p.s. All the photos above are by Alyson Long 🙂

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